Air conditioning and refrigeration services

Maintenance of equipment is essential for all commercial air conditioning systems even during idle periods to ensure reliable operation when the cooling plant is next required. Let Symtrex Services schedule in important maintenance and overhauls to fit around you. All our packages are tailored to meet the specific need of your system’s workload.

With the current economic climate at the front of everybody’s mind, we also appreciate the importance of tailoring our air commercial conditioning maintenance packages to meet your financial constraints too.

Where possible, we’ll schedule as few visits as possible to ensure the continued, efficient operation of your system. Where critical plant is concerned such as server rooms, more regular site inspections are crucial, and Symtrex Services remain committed to ensuring these systems receive the intensive attention fundamental to guaranteeing their continued trouble free operation.

It is a legal requirement for operators of plant to have it logged and leak tested and this is an integral part of our maintenance programmes under Fgas regulations

We maintain, install and repair

  • Chillers
  • Splits
  • Air Handing Units
  • Retrofitting and replacement of R22 refrigerant systems
  • Portable Air-Conditioning units

Our qualified experts can guide you quickly through various specifications to ensure you get the solution most ideally suited to your particular situation. You can also come to Symtrex Services for HVAC, electrical work and much more in, Berkshire and the surrounding counties, plus London and throughout the South of England. Contact our team today to arrange a consultation.