HVAC maintenance services

We offer comprehensive modular programs of HVAC maintenance designed to meet your specific needs.

Ongoing maintenance is essential in keeping your HVAC systems in reliable optimum operating condition. Let Symtrex Services schedule in important maintenance and overhauls to fit around you, and responsibility for preventive maintenance, component replacement and emergency servicing of the buildings HVAC systems.

Reliable engineers

Once your systems are in our care, an experienced engineer will begin regular, scheduled, preventive maintenance, including service and inspection, lubrication and carrying out all instrument tests, calibrations and adjustments necessary to assure continued optimum performance.

Our engineers’ knowledge of your site will result in not only improved service efficiency, but will also assist in reducing the likelihood of unforeseen plant or system failures. After each service call, you’ll receive a report verifying the HVAC system is fully maintained and operating correctly.

You can get in touch with us for lighting services and building management systems. We proudly serve Berkshire, and surrounding counties, plus London and the South of England.