Complete adherence to health and safety policies

Health and safety legislation is constantly changing and the penalties for failing to comply with it can be severe; ranging from large fines to imprisonment.

We take our responsibility for the health and safety of our staff and our customers very seriously.

Our comprehensive health and safety management programme ensures that our clients’ property management services comply with the relevant legislation; keeping buildings safe and giving every customer peace of mind.

We offer and abide by:

•Risk management and assessment

•Water hygiene risk assessment

•Legionella risk management

•Air hygiene risk assessment

•COSHH regulations

•CFC collection and disposal

•Controlled waste disposal

•Portable appliance testing

•Electrical testing and inspection

•Construction design management

Environmentally-friendly company

Symtrex Services recognises that it has a responsibility to protect and sustain the environment. By exercising adequate controls over its activities, we will promote the use of sustainable resources and discourage wasteful or damaging practices. Environmental responsibility means that our actions should comply with relevant and current legislation.

We aim to:

•Protect the natural environment

•Promote the reduction of any unnecessary use of natural resources

•Minimise the creation of waste through our own activities and being environmentally conscious when purchasing equipment and materials

•Minimise pollution created through our company’s activities and endeavour to reduce air, water, land, light and noise pollution

•Promote the importance to all employees of reducing, reusing and recycling waste produced by us

All of our services are available across Berkshire and the South of England.