Water hygiene services

In all commercial buildings, water storage and distribution systems are an ever increasing health related management responsibility. We carry out water analysis and treatment programmes, designed to protect building occupants from potential Legionella or microbiological risk, ensuring that the modern building manager continues to comply with all developing regulations at all times.

Plant protection systems

• Speciality chemical products for the control of scale, corrosion and fouling in:
– steam and hot water heating systems
– process and building services cooling and chilled water systems
– hot & cold domestic water services systems
• Continuous disinfection using UV irradiation, ozonation, bromination and chlorine dioxide

Engineered solutions

• Pre-treatment plant including filtration, iron reduction, ion exchange softening, demineralisation and reverse osmosis
• Application, programme control and monitoring equipment

• Installation, commissioning, planned maintenance and emergency repair

• Repair, refurbishment and replacement of cooling towers and water storage tanks

Chemical cleaning

• Routine physical cleaning and chlorine disinfection of cooling and domestic water services systems in accordance with ACoP L8
• Emergency response

• Pre-commission chemical cleaning and disinfection to the requirements of BSRIA AG1/2001 and BS6700: 1997

• Specialist chemical cleaning of steam boiler plant, cooling systems and closed water circuits

Management support

• Sampling for chemical and microbiological analysis, interpretation and reporting
• Risk assessment, design and implementation of Written Schemes, audit and consultancy

• Operator training and development, test kits and reagents for routine control testing

• Total Water Management: outsourcing the management of customer installations

All of our services are available across Berkshire and the South of England.